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Fred Meis

Chief Executive Officer

Fred Meis
308-832-3400 ext 2800 





Mary Bunger

Director of Acute Care Services

Mary Bunger, RN BSN,(DON)
308-832-3400 ext 2300                         








  Director of Long Term Care Services

  Dina Silvrants, RN Interim DON
  308-832-3400 ext 2259                                             




Connie Jorgensen   

Assistant Administrator of Long Term Care

Connie Jorgensen, LPN
308-832-3400 ext 2600




 Janell Shelton

Director of Primary Care - Minden Medical Clinic

Janell Shelton

308-832-3400 ext 2100




Amanda Hall-Warburton 

  Director of Social Services

  Amanda Hall-Warburton, LMHP, CPC, CSW
  308-832-3400 ext 2505


Jennifer Bauer

Director of HinterLong Living

Jennifer Bauer
308-832-3400 ext 2270

Sue Driver

Director of Laboratory Services

Sue Driver, MT
308-832-3400 ext 2401






  Shelly Hawthorne

Director of Radiology Services

Shelly Hawthorne, RT
308-832-3400 ext 2425




    Director of Volunteer Services

    Barbara Stutz
    308-832-3400 ext 2256





Director of Food Services

Della Burrett
308-832-3400 ext 2660


     Director of Human Resources and Payroll 

     Rebecca Cooke

     308-832-3400 ext 2630



Erin Schwenka

Director of Materials Management

Erin Schwenka
308-832-3400 ext 2740



Director of Maintenance & Plant

Lenny Ginder
308-832-3400 ext 2650


Becky Seybold

Director of Environmental Services Housekeeping/Laundry

Becky Seybold
308-832-3400 ext 2640


Julie Schmidt

Director of Cardiac Rehab

Julie Schmidt, RN (BSN)
308-832-3400 ext 2550