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Are you the picture of health?

"Colorectal cancer is the 2nd leading cancer killer.

But it doesn't have to be". Get Screened for colorectal cancer.

Colonoscopies can be performed at the Kearney County Hospital. Call today for an appointment to make sure you really are the picture of health.


We believe that it is important for our citizens to provide for and retain ownership of the healthcare services, which are delivered in this community, thus ensuring the future availability of affordable quality healthcare services.

KCMF Board of Directors

  • Kelly Ayres, Chairman
  • Glen Haselbarth, Treasurer
  • Sharon Cederburg
  • Dr. Ed Alderman
  • Jim Edgecombe
  • Dave Craig
  • Joan Kopf
  • KCHS CEO, Fred J. Meis

Making a donation to the Kearney County Medical Foundation is an investment in you and your community's health care future. Gift giving vehicles for donors include:

  • Tribute Gifts such as Memorials or In Honor Gifts
  • Planned Giving
  • Outright Gifts
  • Endowment
  • Memorial Brick

Categories established by KCMF are as follows:

Pioneers - $500 - 999.99
Scouts - $1000- 4999
Pathfinders - $5000-and more

Donations are recognized on the Wall of Honor in the hospital lobby area.

Dr. Ed Alderman, Board of Trustees Representative, Fred Meis, KCHS CEO, Kelley Ayres, Chairman, Sharon Cederburg, Secretary, Joan Kopf, Dave Craig and Jim Edgecombe. (Not pictured: Glen Haselbarth, Treasurer)

For more information concerning donations to the Kearney County Medical Foundation please call 308.832.3400 ext 2256.