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From the CEO, Fred J. Meis

August is here and the Fair has come and gone. I thank all of you who volunteered your time to help at the fair and congratulations to all of our gift certificate winners. Our construction project for Long Term Care is moving along on schedule and again I thank those of you who have had to adjust for lack of parking. Due to Rebekah Mussman’s resignation and relocation there will be a number of changes and adjustments and perhaps a change in assigned duties. I ask for everyone’s help and patience during this transition. The summer months are vacation times for many people and as I have just returned from a short one, I can tell you that it gets kind of crazy out there so if you are traveling this summer please be safe. I am so thankful that our travels were uneventful as far as near misses go but did see some people who were not as fortunate. I can also tell you that a GPS is great but they don’t always work either. It does not take very many mistakes to ruin a vacation. It would be so helpful if people were just a little more patient and kind to one another. Now that I think about it that will also work for us here at KCHS. Thanks to the Standards Committee for organizing the 2nd Annual KCHS BBQ which as I write this article is coming up on July 30th at Jaycee Park. Hopefully we will have a good turnout and good weather. Each year our Long Term Care Residents and HinterLong Living Residents enter art projects at the Kearney County Fair. I was amazed at the items entered this year and the number of blue and purple ribbons attached by the judges to these unique pieces of art. Congratulations to our residents who entered their art work. 

~Fred J. Meis, CEO


Employee of the Month - Brenda Hemje (Hinterlong Assisted Living - Medication Aide)

Brenda Hemje was chosen as the August Employee of the Month! She is employed as a Medication Aide on HinterLong. She has been employed at KCHS for 8 1/2 years. Brenda was nominated for Employee of the Month because she is friendly, helpful, kind, considerate, shows appreciation, and has a positive attitude. Moreover, she works well with co-workers and residents. Brenda was born and raised on a farm by Hildreth. She has 3 children, Keri, Casey, and Jill; she has 4 grandchildren and a recued black lab named Dierks. She worked at Macon #9 County School for 20 years before changing careers to become a Medication Aide when the school closed. In her free time, Brenda enjoys antiquing, gardening, reading, getting away to the lake, country western concerts and horseback riding. Congratulations Brenda for being chosen as the August Employee of the Month! Thank you for all that you do for the patients, residents, and staff at KCHS.


Stay Connected - WiFi Available at KCHS

For the convenience of our residents, patients and their visitors, KCHS launched wireless internet service (WiFi). The complimentary wireless access is available throughout the KCHS campus including LTC resident’s rooms, LTC solarium and dining room, hospital patient rooms and lobbies. To use the service, open your wireless device and a login screen will appear. Since the service is password protected, visitors will need to obtain the password. The nurses staff will be glad to assist you.


Welcome New Employees!

Amber Houser - Long Term Care

April Anderson - Long Term Care

MaryEllen Dunlop - Long Term Care

Bailey Adair - Radiology

Sarah Halkyard - Radiology

Colleen Ferguson - Business Office

Nik Rhiley - Acute RN