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From the CEO, Fred J. Meis

MAY 2014

May is the month in which the healthcare field celebrates what we do in many areas of health. In the hospital field it is National Hospital Week and Nurses Week. In Long Term Care it is National Nursing Home Week. Emergency services also celebrates with National EMS Week. As I am writing this article we are celebrating Lab week and I am sure there are others that I have failed to mention. I believe that all of these designated weeks  just goes to prove that it takes many different individuals with varying talents and skills working interdependently to make healthcare function as it should. It also takes individuals that believe in the Mission, Vision and Values of the organization and carry them out as they perform their daily job responsibilities. Our Standards Team has been doing a great job reminding us of our responsibility to carry out our standards of behavior here at KCHS. They have created and broadcast clear standards of behavior so that we all know and understand the actions that are expected of us as we carry out our duties here. When we take these standards to heart then we will continue to integrate a culture that is supporting service excellence. Along with the Standards of Behavior is what is termed a “Just Culture” which has been defined as dealing with problems that arise by looking first at a possible systems failure rather than immediately pointing the blame at the individual. Many times when something goes wrong we look to point the blame at someone first before looking at whether we have a system failure or simply that we did not orient or make it clear to the individual(s) involved what course of action they are expected to take. Sometime it is a matter of continuing to educate and review policies andprocedures. What we call “common sense” must also be backed up by knowing what is expected. Fred J. Meis, CEO

Employee of the Month- Jon Becker, PA

Jon Becker was chosen as the May Employee of the Month! Jon is employed as a Physician Assistant. He has been employed at KCHS for almost 11 years. Jon was nominated for Employee of the Month because he is compassionate, dedicated, caring, and considerate. He is constantly looking out for the patients best interests. Moreover, he takes the time to visit with the residents and staff. He always has a caring attitude, positive body language, and a pleasant voice whenever he interacts with the residents. Jon was born at Phelps County Brewster Hospital and was raised in Beaver City, NE. He has a Bachelor of Science in Biology (major) and Chemistry (minor). Also, he has a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from UNMC Omaha. Jon and his wife were married in 1993 and have 3 children. In his free time, Jon enjoys, spending time with family, having breakfast with Joe, golfing, building some useable things, and watching war movies. Congratulations Jon for being chosen as the May Employee of the Month! Thank you for all that you do for the patients, residents, and staff at KCHS.

Stay Connected - WiFi Available at KCHS

For the convenience of our residents, patients and their visitors, KCHS launched wireless internet service (WiFi). The complimentary wireless access is available throughout the KCHS campus including LTC resident’s rooms, LTC solarium and dining room, hospital patient rooms and lobbies. To use the service, open your wireless device and a login screen will appear. Since the service is password protected, visitors will need to obtain the password. The nurses staff will be glad to assist you.

From the Standards of Behavior Committee

Exceptional employees exceed expectations. The following are traits of exceptional employees:

1. Dependability: Exceptional employees are always dependable. They do the job they are supposed to do every time. An exceptional employee can be counted on to always have their work done right, when it is supposed to be done.

2. Team Spirit: Exceptional employees are team players. An exceptional employee works with others to make sure that the things that need to get done do get done, for the good of the company.

3. Taking Direction: Exceptional employees know how to take direction. They know how to take criticism, direction and advice gracefully and make it work for them when doing their job.

4. Trust: Exceptional employees don't spread office gossip. Likewise, they always tell the truth to their employer.

5. Confidentiality: Exceptional employees always guard the confidential nature of their business and protects everyone's privacy.

6. Participation: Exceptional employees participate in the day to day life of the office. They don't bow out of meetings or skip office


7. Likeability: Exceptional employees get along with other employees

From Long Term Care and HinterLong Living

The Plant and Bake Sale sponsored by the KCHS Volunteers and Auxiliary netted over $1000. The donations will be used to purchase new art work for the hallways in Long Term Care. Thanks to all who donated and supported the event.

“Living the Aloha Spirit” is the theme for National Nursing Home Week® (NNHW), May 11-17, 2014. To Hawaiians, the word “aloha” has a deeper significance than just a fond farewell. By Living the Aloha Spirit, we show others love and respect and joyfully share life in order to create a better world. Key attributes of the “Aloha Spirit” include patience, kindness s and good feelings and respect in caring about others. Embracing Aloha-Centeredness will cast a warm glow throughout your center and community.  

The goal in long term and post-acute skilled nursing care centers is always Person-Centered Team Care in a harmonious, caring environment. This is “Living the Aloha Spirit!”

Long Term Care promotes the qualities of: Patience, Kindness, Harmony and Good Feelings in Caring and Respect for Others not just during National Nursing Home Week but throughout the entire year. work

Welcome New Employees!

Julie Johnsono-Clinic

Debbie Wilson-Dietary

Whitney Stone-Dietary