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Amanda Hall-Warburton, PLMHP, CSW provides a variety of services for our residents and patients including case management (linking clients with agencies and programs that will meet their psychosocial needs), community organizing, and patient/resident advocacy.

Outpatient individual, couples, and family counseling is also available. If you need help coping with any of life’s problems, therapy can help.  Kearney County Health Services can provide confidential and professional counseling to individuals, families, and couples whose personal problems have become difficult to manage alone. More information can be found in Counseling Services Brochure.pdf.

During your stay at Kearney County Hospital Amanda will be a great asset in your discharge planning or making Long Term Care or HinterLong Living your new home. Plus as a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) Amanda can help you and or your family in life's difficult times.

For more information on Social Services, Counseling or Discharge Planning please contact Amanda at 308.832.3400 ext 2505.