Depression in Seniors & Aging Adults

Oct 15, 2020

Depression is a part of daily life for tens of millions of Americans. Depression does not care about race, gender, ethnicity, or age. Though age is not a reason for depression there is a strong connection between depression and other physical health conditions. As an example, roughly 25% of the 600,000 people have experience a stroke will experience clinical depression. The challenge is that often depression goes overlooked as it correlates with physical needs and remains untreated. It is important to remember that though something is common that does not mean it is normal.

Depression is common, but it is not normal in older and aging adults. The reality is studies show that retired older adults feel more satisfied with their lives than their earlier years despite having to cope with more physical issues. As we age however, other life circumstances can cause unwanted stress and show an uncertain future. The death of a close friend or loved one, beginning to work less, moving into an assisted or independent living facility, coping with a serious illness are all common and normal parts of aging. Often seniors stabilize in their emotions in dealing with this, but not all do.

Common signs of depression in seniors are:

  • Consistent state of sadness or emptiness
  • Overwhelming feelings of lacking in self-worth or helplessness
  • Anger or unreasonable irritability
  • Losing interest in once enjoyable activities
  • Loss of energy
  • Sleeplessness or habitually oversleeping
  • Lack of concentration or inability to make decisions

Depression is common in seniors and aging adults, but it is treatable is almost every case. There are many different forms of treatment however, in both group and individual settings conversational therapy in tandem with medications, when necessary, have seen excellent results in improving the daily lives of seniors. In most cases using the internet with corresponding with friends or connecting with family has been extremely positive in seniors.

Kearney County Health Services recognizes this. We use Senior Life Solutions to help the seniors in Minden and surrounding areas. Senior Life Solutions blends individual and group therapy for seniors. Family therapy, mental health evaluations, and after care planning are also included. Visit our page on Senior Life Solutions to find out more how we can fight depression in seniors together.

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