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Manage Your Medical Information Anytime, Anywhere

Registering for the Patient Portal

To get into the new patient portal you must first get an email from Kearney County Patient Portal <>.

  1.  You were previously enrolled in our Patient Portal and the email was sent to you automatically.
  2. 2.  You have visited the Facility and have requested to enroll in the new Patient Portal. 

If  you can’t find the email, don’t forget to check your spam!

 If neither of these two options relate to you, please call (308) 832-3400 ext. 2118 (Judy Anderson) or ext 2503 (Pam Uhlir) for assistance.

Getting into the Patient Portal

The Patient Portal can be accessed here: PATIENT PORTAL or by going directly to:

 If you are a RETURNING USER click on “SIGN IN”

  • Enter in your email and password that you created.

 If you are a NEW USER click on “SIGN UP”

  • If you HAVE NOT received an email from Kearney County Patient Portal <> please call                      (308) 832-3400 ext. 2118 for assistance.
  • If you HAVE received an email click on the link within the email to complete your information transfer to MyCareCorner.

To watch a video with step-by-step instructions, please click here.

Please call (308) 832-3400 ext. 2118 with any questions or concerns.

What is the patient Portal?

The Patient Portal contains information from visits that you have had in the hospital or Minden Medical Clinic. The Patient Portal is a great place to access your labs or other test results from Kearney County Health Services.  You can also view:

  • Allergy list
  • List of diagnoses
  • Lab values
  • Vital signs from your visit
  • Medication list
  • Summary of your visit

This information is available to you at anytime through the Portal. In addition to your personal information, resources available include link to WebMD,, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Diabetes Association, and the North American Menopause Society.

Is my Information Safe?

The Patient Portal is a password-protected account and is encrypted in the same way that banks protect your banking information online. Login information will be sent directly to you, and you will be the manager of this online account.  As a reminder – in order to keep your information safe, you should not share your username or password with others, and you should create a “strong” password (one that is hard to guess).  Make sure to log out of your Patient Portal account each time you access it.


For questions about the Patient Portal, call 308.832.3400 ext. 2118 (Judy Anderson) or ext 2503 (Pam Uhlir).

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