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Annual Plant & Bake Sale

One of the fundraising activities our Auxiliary and Volunteers organize is the annual Plant & Bake Sale. Join us Saturday, May 4th for delicious baked goods and an assortment of plants to purchase to get your spring started!

Kearney County Health Services Auxiliary has Three Primary Functions

The role of the auxiliary support and volunteer help at Kearney County Health Services falls into three categories: Volunteer services, community relations & public health education, and fundraising.

Volunteer Services

Auxiliary Volunteers assist KCHS in its mission to “…support and improve the health of the community, provide high-quality healthcare services in a cost-effective manner that recognizes the psychosocial, spiritual, physical and cultural values of the individual.” In this role volunteers provide support for the Activities Program in Hinterlong Living and Long Term Care, escort patients to clinics, assist with patient information, do sewing and mending for residents, rotate magazines in the waiting rooms, and provide other support functions when necessary.

Community Relations & Public Health Education

Auxiliary Volunteers assist KCHS with public events, such as school health clinics, public immunization clinics, public health education meetings, and community health fairs.


Auxiliary Volunteers assist the KCHS Medical Foundation in raising money for specific capital equipment projects, primarily through a yearly event entitled Wine Wreaths and Whimsy held the first Sunday in November. The gala event shows off the many creative talents of Kearney County and surrounding communities. The event features two auctions (live and silent), an appetizer and dessert buffet, as well as a glass of wine, cocktail, or other beverage. Fun and merriment are enjoyed as the live auction surprises donors and buyers alike with items such as fudge selling in 2016 for $225 a plate!

Through the efforts of the Auxiliary and KCMF, in just the past four years KCHS has been able to upgrade its Cardiac Rehab Unit and purchased new state of the art medical equipment for the facility such as a colonoscope, a bladder scanner, and new ultrasound equipment. The Auxiliary has had a major influence in improving the scope and quality of the healthcare services provided by KCHS.


New members are always welcome! For more information, please contact Connie Jorgensen at 208-832-3400 extension 2203.

Based upon their fundraising schedule, the KCHS Auxiliary meets approximately six months of the year on the first Thursday of the month at Kearney County Health Services.

Upcoming Events

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