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Swing Bed Program

The Swing Bed program at Kearney County Health Services provides a unique opportunity to maintain continuity of care following an acute illness. Patients already at KCHS can receive swing bed services in the same room without transfer to another facility, while patients coming from a higher level of care can obtain services from highly trained and qualified staff, close to home.

A number of services are available through Swing Bed:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Wound Care
  • IV Antibiotic Therapy

The key benefits of this program are ready access to the physician and ability to learn self-care skills that increase independence, decrease anxiety, and promote a natural transition to the home setting. If the patient’s needs require, KCHS works hand in hand with local Long Term Care and Assisted Living facilities to ensure a smooth transition for the patient and their family.  During a patient’s stay, family and friends are encouraged to visit, giving the emotional support necessary for well-being and recovery.

Who Qualifies for Swing Bed

Patients who would benefit from Kearney County Health Services’ Swing Bed Program are those who have already been in the hospital for at least 3 days, but require additional nursing care and/or rehabilitation services on a daily basis. Examples of patients that would be appropriate for our program are:

  • Those needing care after orthopedic surgery, such as joint replacement or fractures
  • Patients needing to continue IV therapy
  • Patients recovering from an accident, injury, or illness
  • Post-surgical patients

Length of Stay

The length of stay in Swing Bed is dependent upon individual patient needs and progress. Medicare will cover up to 20 days at 100% providing the patient has a skilled need.  It is very important to understand that Swing Bed care requires the use of the Medicare patient’s skilled nursing facility benefit.  Swing Bed is not intended for permanent placement; it is for continued care until the patient returns home or transfers to a facility for longer-term placement.

Patients are discharged from Swing Bed services when:

  • They have achieved the maximum benefit of skilled nursing or rehabilitation, as determined by the care team.
  • The care being provided has become custodial in nature.
  • The patient’s continuing care requires long term rehabilitation placement.
  • There is a change in the patient’s needs or level of care.

What to Expect

Our focus is to improve your functional, nutritional, and medical health so you can return home, or to a different care setting if necessary. Our team, which consists of doctors, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, a dietitian, and a social worker, will work with you, your family, and your physician to create a treatment plan designed to help achieve your treatment goals.

Our team is focused on helping you gain your independence. As a Swing Bed Patient, you’ll be encouraged to do as much as you can for yourself. We encourage you to wear your own clothes so that you don’t feel like you are a “patient” in the hospital.  Laundry services are available, or your family is welcome to take your laundry as well.  You may furnish your own personal-care items.  Small items may be brought from home for your comfort.  Hospital staff will check all electrical items brought in for safety.

We expect you to take part in a variety of daily activities to enhance and help you achieve your independence. You will be given an activities calendar and a list of available activities upon admission to the program.  If there are other activities you enjoy, they may be brought in from home.  Please talk to a member of your care team regarding items you may want from home.

During your stay, our multidisciplinary team will collaborate with you to create a Discharge Plan and set functional and health status goals. This plan can include additional care options such as:

  • Home Health Care
  • Nursing Home Rehabilitation
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Assisted Living Care
  • Home Medical Equipment
  • Outpatient Therapy
  • Other Community Services
To get more information regarding Kearney County Health Service’s Swing Bed Program, please call Amanda Hall-Warburton at 308.832.3400.

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