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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

KCHS is prepared to provide care for our patients during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  However, we are asking for your assistance to limit the spread of this contagious disease among patients and employees.  For non-emergent situations, if you are experiencing a cough, have shortness of breath, have a fever greater than 100.4, and you have traveled to a high risk area or have a known exposure to someone who has COVID-19, PLEASE CALL AHEAD BEFORE PRESENTING TO THE FACILITY.  In all emergent situations, please go to the ER for medical care, but we would ask that you call ahead if possible for staff to prepare.

Current Visitation Guidelines: Visitation Guidelines

Clinic Scheduling: Scheduling Process

Press release: Frequently Asked Questions  Updated 3/24/2020

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Updated information pertaining to businesses and employees: Helpful Information for Businesses

Protecting yourself and others: Coronavirus Information

Two Rivers Public Health Department (https://www.trphd.org/) can provide the most up to date local information.  If you have traveled to an at risk location or are a person with potential exposure to COVID-19 please complete this survey: SURVEY

Links for more information:
Two Rivers Public Health Department
Centers for Disease Control
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services


Due to the construction and renovation of our existing Clinic space,  Minden Medical Clinic has temporarily MOVED to the former Long Term Care space – this is now our Temporary Clinic.  The entrance for our Temporary Clinic is on the SOUTH side of KCHS along E. Hawthorne Street.  Please follow the RED signs and banners on KCHS property to help lead you to the Clinic entrance.  Thank you for your patience during this time while we work to provide an environment that will offer a space for great patient care!

Our Mission

To provide exceptional, family-centered care while strengthening the health and well-being of our community.

Our Vision

We strive for quality healthcare in a safe environment, with progressive health and wellness options, in order to be the trusted partner in health and wellness and the employer of choice.

Our Values

Kearney County Health Services strives to operate by these key values:

  • Trust Being a committed health care provider ensuring confidentiality and accessible, high quality healthcare
  • Respect – Exhibiting a culture of respect towards patients, visitors, and employees by treating other with kindness and dignity
  • Exceeding expectationsExceeding the expectations of those we serve through compassionate care and positive patient experiences
  • Invested To be the top employer in the surrounding area by engaging our employees through collaboration, clear communication, recognition, and appreciation
  • EncouragementUnderstanding the importance of staff development, as well as the development of local youth talent, and furthering education to encourage future generations to return to the area
  • Integrity – Bringing personal responsibility and professionalism to the daily work environment
  • Stewardship – Being responsible with our resources and managing our assets and finances appropriately to ensure we are able to meet the health care needs of our communities in the future
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to support and improve the health of the community, and provide high quality health care services in a cost effective manner that recognizes the psychosocial, spiritual, physical, and cultural values of the individual.

Our Values

We value the psychosocial, spiritual, physical and cultural values of those we serve and those of our healthcare team members. We value a culture of growth, teamwork, and respect for each other. We value each team member’s and community member’s contribution to Kearney County Health Services as we focus on the individual needs of those we serve.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the health care provider of choice, the employer of choice, and a leader in the health and well-being of our communities. This vision will be accomplished by recruiting and retaining team members who support the mission, values, and vision of Kearney County Health Services. Those we serve will receive the right care at the right time in the right environment. By utilizing our resources, both human and material, to the best of our ability, we will fulfill our vision of being the employer and provider of choice for medical, acute, long term care, and assisted living services for the residents of Kearney County and its service area.

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Medical Staff

Kearney County Health Services is fortunate to employ medical professionals who truly value their community and are here to serve the residents of Kearney County and surrounding areas.

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Kearney County Health Services is a unique facility in that there are four entities within the campus setting.  Our facilities include Kearney County Hospital and Minden Medical Clinic.

Patient Services

At Kearney County Health Services, we strive to provide quality services and friendly care. Our patients safety, comfort, and care are our number one concern. We offer a variety of services.

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Employment Opportunites

Kearney County Health Services provides competitive wages, comprehensive benefit packages, and continuing education opportunities. To view more the current available positions and job descriptions click the link below.

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Medical Fund Committee

Simply put, a hospital medical fund committee raises money and community awareness for a hospital or medical center. Medical fund committees financially hold up hospitals and in our case the hospital and medical clinic.

In The Community

Kearney County and surrounding communities play a vital role in the success of Kearney County Health Services. We strive to meet our patients and residents satisfaction. And it is important for our administration and employees to be involved in the community.