Holiday Food and Diet

Dec 18, 2020

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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is something that is easy to get swept up into. Here are some helpful reminders when it comes to what you’re eating this holiday season.

Never go to a party hungry

It is easy to hang around the food table while talking with friends and family. Try having a healthy snack before you go out. Some good snack ideas include a bowl of mixed fruit or a handful or two of nuts. Once you’re at the part take a moment to assess how hungry you are and eat accordingly.

Extend your break

Our tastebuds often get ahead of our stomachs. Take 10-15 minutes to let your stomach catch up. Try to grab another glass of water or start a conversation. Afterwards assess your hunger and go from there.

Avoid hungry shopping

Shopping centers and mall are packed full of wonderful smells and tasty delights. Try to have a healthy snack to tide you over during your holiday shopping. If you get caught off guard, make sure to have a mint or stick of gum with you to help avoid shopping calories.

Beware of alcohol

A glass of eggnog can easily add 500 calories to your day. Wines, beers, and other mixed drinks can add another 200. Alcohol increases your appetite and loosens your control on what you eat. Have a glass of water in-between drinks. Drink wisely and carefully.

The stress of COVID-19 has raised concern for how American consume alcohol. This article tracks the sales of alcohol in late March as it boomed by 54%. Another article tracked millennials as they turned to food and drink to cope with stress. Over-drinking has both short- and long-term health risks. In the short term, there is loss of motor skills that can lead to falls, burns, or a car crash. The long-term effects range from mental health issues to heart disease. This study examined people and their use of alcohol during lockdown. It found that in addition to a range of negative physical effects, the use of alcohol can lead to new or exacerbate current mental health issues.

Stay active

There is plenty going on already this season and finding time to stay active can be difficult. Don’t let busyness crowd out your exercise. Staying active will help burn calories from holiday parties. Exercise will also help your sleep which in turn helps your body regulate your blood sugar.

Staying active is a proven way to help manage stress. Exercise is your secret weapon this holiday season.

Though there will be plenty of trials and temptations this year when it comes to dieting and staying healthy there is always a healthy option. Enjoy your holiday snacks and meals and drink responsibly!

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